Roland Salz                                                                      
                                                                               Packet Handler Interface



Project manager, ASCOM Zellcom AG, Zürich,




Special rapporteur, European Telecommunication Standardization Institute (ETSI), Nice,


for the standardization of


ETSI Standard ETS 300 099

Integrated Services Digital Netowrk (ISDN);

Specification of the Packet Handler access point Interface (PHI).


Initiated at meetings in Gran Canaria and Namur, the  standard, highly opposed to by the major players at first, was developed and approved with the help of The Spirit of Piz  Gloria, a lot of fun, and a new and favorable voting regulation during a close succession of conferences held in  Bern, Odense, Paris, Lissabon, Padua, Nice, Chester, Den Haag, and Oslo. Regular participants included, among many others, Dr. Pietro Schicker (ASCOM Zellcom, Zürich), Daniel Huber (Swiss PTT, Bern), Gabriele Münker (Swiss PTT, Bern), Josef Matheis (Kapsch, Wien), Stephen Ng (Bell Northern Research, Ottawa), Björn Netland (Telenor, Oslo), Antonio Munoz (Telefonica, Madrid), Eric Wiatrowski (France Telecom, Rennes), Mr. Hopkins (British Telecom, London), Mr. Roth (Deutsche Bundespost, Bonn), Mr. Schaffers (Dt. Bundespost, Bonn), Peter Friedrich (Siemens, München), Mr. Stiefel (Siemens, München), Mr. Lindig (SEL, Stuttgart). Writing, cutting, and pasting reports was carried out manually, with scissors and glue, in nightly sessions after excursion and dinner or in gondolas heading downward in the dark, with some delegates fallen asleep from the height and the brew.


With his exceptional expertise from ETH Zürich, Pietro Schicker wrote most of the specification alone and presented the following paper at the XII. IEEE International Switching Symposium, Stockholm 1990:


A New ISDN Packet Handler Interface.


As a basic component of packet switching, forming the backbone of today’s internet, the PHI was implemented by manufacturers and network providers from all over Europe and Canada starting in 1991, in Germany by Deutsche Telekom under the project name Roland.



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